What DJ Kaz Sakuma Does
— Play music, create music

DJ Kaz Sakuma is a New York City based open-format DJ/Producer.

     Originally from Japan, moved to New York in December 2010. He has been in NY for 7 years and a half.

As a DJ

     In the past years after he moved to NY, he has played at numerous venues such as Empire Rooftop, CellarBar at BryantPark Hotel, Gansevoort Rooftop Meatpacking, Gansevoort Park, Yotel, SkyRoom, Dream Hotel, Highline Ballroom, Ajna Bar, Stash, Tonic East, Revel etc...

     Kaz currently spins at some venues such as SkyRoom (Times Square), the W Hotel (Times Square), Dos Caminos (Times Square), Dos Caminos (Soho), Revel (Meatpacking) etc...

     His style is quite unique and plays many genres of music such as HipHop, R&B, House, Rock, Reggae and some Latin Music in his set and it's called open-format.

As a Radio Personality

     Kaz has a own radio program with his artist R-naby called "Can't Stop My Radio" on Sakura Radio which is the biggest Japanese internet-radio-station in the U.S..

     This program has been broadcasting every Friday evening from 7-8pm, since July 2018. It can be broadcasted with a free-app "Sakura Radio". More info: http://www.sakuraradio.com


As a producer

     Kaz is also known as a music producer. He uses "Ableton Live 10" for producing. He has produced some tracks for a Japanese signed rapper R-naby, such as "Wanna Know" in R-naby's 1st  E.P. "Can't Stop My Squad", and his single "New York" coupling with "What's Your Name?". Also, 5 tracks such as "Why You So Cute?" "On The Way" in R-naby's forth coming album which will be released from Universal Music this coming fall...

     Nationwide first single of DJ Kaz Sakuma, "My City" has been released on February 22nd, also second single "ALIVE" on April 22nd from ”NYCD Recordings” which is managed by R-naby who has signed with "Universal Music Group" in March 2017. As the first artist from "NYCD Recordings", Kaz's nationwide singles are out now on iTunes store, Google Play, also can be streamed on Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and Shazam...etc

     Kaz also has made many remixes and can be heard some of his remixes in "MEDIA" page from the menu bar on top of the website. Recently, one of his mashups "No Diggity - DJ Kaz Sakuma Blend / Black Street" has been uploaded on the world's best record pool "DJCITY" website.